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AI-copilot for M&A and PE.

AI-powered Insights for enhancing efficiency, precision and client experience.
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Comprehensive AI-Platform
Generative AI and LLMs for driving efficiency and precision throughout the deal lifecycle right from research, deal-sourcing to closing the deal

Harness the power of Large Language Models (LLMs) and Unlock the potential of AI-driven document analysis

  • Streamline data extraction
  • Query knowledge bases or documents
  • Summarize lengthy reports
  • Uncover actionable insights
Accelerate M&A idea generation with data-driven and AI-assisted research

  • Effortlessly conduct industry and company research
  • Extract actionable insights from your knowledge base, input documents, and publicly available information
Identify potential targets efficiently and accurately using our propretory ML algorithms

  • Take the guesswork out of deal sourcing process
  • Sift through exhaustive list of opportunities in minutes
  • Get ranked list of opportunities based on M&A strategies, potential synergies, acquisition criteria, and industry trends
Experience automated company valuation like never before

  • ML-based financial statement forecasts
  • Exhaustive valuation methodologies including DCF, Trading and transaction comparables
  • Analyze company and industry valuations
  • Generate accurate valuation materials in seconds
Empower your presentations with generative AI

  • Create company profiles, teasers, pitchbooks, and valuation materials effortlessly
  • Customize layouts and branding to leave a lasting impression on clients and stakeholders
  • Keep your marketing materials updated with latest data using our scheduling agents
Virtual datarooms with semantic search and LLM-based querying capabilities

  • Easily manage and access critical documents
  • Highly secure and efficient virtual datarooms enhanced using AI
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Purpose built for M&A
Stay ahead of the curve through sound decision based on our platform which combines accurate data with innovative AI-based analytics tools

time saving

Efficient deal sourcing with automated data collection and research

cost saving

Workflow management and productivity tools to achieve lean and efficient processes


Focus only on applying expertise to achieve accurate outcomes


Leverage power of AI and cloud computing to churn through more data

Industry leading solutions
M&A platform designed for Investment Comprehensive AI-Platform for M&A, Private Equity and transaction advisory firms specialized across wide array of industries

M&A Advisory
Accelerate deal completion with our AI tools designed for entire M&A deal lifecycle
Private Equity
Ensure successful acquisitions and exits using ML algorithms tailor-made to help you make informed decision
Financial Research
Leverage power of data and Generative AI to perform quicker and effective investment research
AI/LLM Development
Automate all your critical workflows and deploy custom AI solutions or train your own model for specific use cases
Use cases  
Experienced team

Built by team of M&A professionals and financial analysts with experience of working with bulge bracket as well as boutique investment banks, private equity and financial data vendors

Technology enablers

State-of-art technology integration partners and enablers to help us deliver industry leading solutions for all your needs. Get in touch to explore custom AI solutions for your personalized workflows

I've been in the financial research field for years, and FinvalModel is truly remarkable. Its powerful AI capabilities have not only saved us a lot of time but also significantly enhanced the depth and accuracy of our research.

Research Analyst, Confidential
I found FinvalModel's deal sourcing algorithm very invaluable in identifying high-potential opportunities. It has helped us with the insights needed to close deals successfully.

Associate, M&A (Industrials)
Automated company profiles, industry research and pitchbook creation features have helped our team save hours of manual work. The ability to integrate our past research with current market data to auto-update presentations and models is very useful.

Consultant, Transaction advisory
Our experience has been very positive. The platform aims to automate most of the manual workflows in deal-making allowing us to focus more on execution.

Financial Analyst, Confidential
Experience the future of deal making with FinvalModel!
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